Seconds Choice Theatre add-on for Baby Gym

Seconds Choice Theatre add-on for Baby Gym

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THEATRE is designed to aspire your little ones to creative play. By the age of 3 and up, your little one’s are ready for the THEATRE and all the imagined playing that will follow. 

Tie the THEATRE to  the Baby Gym to create a simple and dreamy scene for improvising games and play.  

The magickal world of theater is a natural and creative way to let your little one’s minds wander of - Beautifully crafted, the natural fabric curtain is the entrance to that magickal world that is imagined by your little ones. 

With endless possibilities the THEATRE is central for creative and improvised games that THE LOULLOU UNIVERSE so keenly loves.

1st Play Theatre is made from 100% OEKO TEX cotton, and fits to the 1st play Baby Gym.

Measurements: 700mm. x 420mm.

OBS! Comes without the Baby Gym.