Loullou Silk Teether Blankie Fern
Loullou Silk Teether Blankie Fern

Loullou Silk Teether Blankie Fern

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When teeth are breaking out, your baby needs stimuli and comfort, and in what better way than using the all pure, organic and natural teethers - perfect for those delicate gums.

Our elegant and durable loullou silk teether blankies are designed to relieve baby’s aching gums, but they also serves as a beautiful, comforting and soft cuddle blankie to nuzzle between your little ones fingers and cheek when they need a peaceful time.

They are all made from the purest natural and 100% Bourette Silk hand dyed from naural plant fibers by the Loullou team.

This makes all batches slightly different and unique.

The entire series is made from selected eco-friendly Maplewood from FSC-certified suppliers, absolutely free of any chemicals, and 100% natural Bourette

Silk hand dyed with natural plant fibers

Measurements Ring: 70mm. x 56mm. x 12mm.

Measurements Silk Blankie: 350mm x 300mm.

Suggested age: 3+ month

Hand wash only