Dear Customers and Retailers,


Loullou is saying goodbye.


It is time for the Loullou universe to say goodbye and put an end to a lovely journey. A journey of many lessons, inspiring and joyful moments.

We are saying goodbye to an Era of our life that’s been so intense and meaningful for us, and we are very proud and thankful of what Loullou have become. But due to personal issues we must put an end to this magical adventure.


Therefore, we will like to thank you all for your overwhelming and warm support, and for helping us making a dream come true – Loullou would never had happened without you. So, thank you for that!

BUT, it’s not a complete goodbye. Because, we are building a new platform -  our new adventure with focus on handcrafted and unique items. Please stay tuned and be ready for official launch of

Here, you will already be able to find and buy some of the carefully collected Loullou items – some of our best sellers e.g. our 1st Play Baby Gym, Clothes Rack and Clothes Shelf.

And as an addition to that, we are selling out of the old Loullou stock – so, go find some of the product to a very good price.


We hope to see you there!

To remain customer of the Loullou products, you just simply have to follow the link:

 To remain our retailer, you just simply have to follow the link:


We wish you all the very best in the future.


XXX The Loullou team